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“The time for perfume had come”

Raymond Henschen, founder of Belle d'O

Raymond Henschen
Founder of Beau d’O

The time for perfume had come and it would be a good time.

So Raymond Henschen decided at the age of 60 to start perfume creations.

Using his own creations he had done 40 years ago, he refreshed the logos, the design of the perfume bottles and caps and the decoration of the packaging.

He chose the smell of the perfume and asked Andreas Wilhelm, perfumer in Zürich, to make the formula.

The perfume liquid and the manufacturing of the final product are done in Grasse, France, International City of the Perfume, where the perfume tradition started in 1710.

You could say, everybody can do this, and so thought Raymond Henschen.

But it took him one year for the first perfume.

And now it is done.

Smell, make your Snif, Snif and enjoy.

Belle d'O

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