Snif Snif  Vista Points

Schiki Mikki Perfume

If you want to become a Snif Snif Vista Point, and join the Social Perfume Society, you only have to get registered as a Snif Snif person, allowing other people to smell the perfume and to have a look at the packaging.

Be one of the first to sample our latest fragrance for women, SCHIKKIMIKKI.

Schikkimikki, is an exotic bouquet of Lychee embedded in soft white rose petals and morning dew.

With hints of white Peach-apple flowers and plum Blossoms surrounded by sensual white musk and freshly sliced mango.

Together with the joyfully floral, fruity and youthful scent of orange blossom water Schikkimikki perfume harmonizes alluringly with creamy sandalwood, exotic vanilla from Papua New Guinea and a secret whisper of tonka beans.

One bottle of perfume is for you, for free.

Social Perfume Society


BeaudO Sàrl

18, rue Jean Ossola
06130 Grasse


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